Game Time #3

To rise up to the challenge of not curling into a Vapo-Rub-coated fetal position for the rest of the pandemic, I’ve given myself the assignment of playing and laughing every day for the month of December.

* * *

Today I played President’s Coronavirus Task Force Jenga. Here’s a review of the game.

Game Time #3

PANDEMIC DAY: 9,000,533 (give or take)

GAME:  President’s Coronavirus Task Force Jenga

PLAYERS: This game was made for a Trump-era pandemic. It can be played alone during stay at home orders resulting from a lack of research or coordination to get the pandemic under control, or it can be played by any number of players who enjoy swapping air because COVID-19 is a hoax.


–54 wood blocks: one for each state’s method of responding to the pandemic in the U.S., along with one each for four of the U.S. territories (there’s more territories than that, but most Americans don’t realize this)

–one mini Dr. Fauci figurine

–one mini Donald Trump figurine (who also doesn’t know how many U.S. territories there are)  

–one plastic stacking tray that can be used as a face shield once we re-enter the scrounging for PPE stage due to task force ineptitude


–Players choose to be on the team of the figure who they believe should have the most authority on handling a pandemic:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for 36 years


Donald J. Trump, failed casino and steak company owner

–On a flat surface, stand the plastic tray vertically and add the wood blocks, placing each layer of three blocks at a right angle to the previous layer until it is filled.

–Slide the plastic PPE tray away.

–Place Dr. Fauci and Donald Trump figurines on top of the tower—which can be referred to either Fauci Tower or Trump Tower during play depending on which team players are on.

–Players take turns pulling one block from any level of the tower except the top one.

–The game ends when a figure tumbles from the tower. The team whose figure remains standing on the tower wins.

RESULTS:      After five rounds, Trump descended each time and Dr. Fauci proved to be the most stable.

COMMENTS: When Dr. Fauci emerges as the clear pandemic authority, President’s Coronavirus Task Force Jenga is more fun than real life.


OVERALL RATING:   FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS – (one point removed for reminding me that the President’s Coronavirus Task Force actually is a game of chance in real life)

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